With over 40 years playing experience and 30 years teaching, Sam is a wildly seasoned teacher who simply refuses to burn out!

Teaching Style: Friendly, patient, coherent, responsible and responsive, occasionally entertaining.

e-mail: sam@samdavis.com

Telephone: (617) 497-0830
Visa and MasterCard accepted:

Cost: The basic rate is $50 an hour. For the special "Commitment to Excellence" discount, just pay for 10 lessons in advance and receive a free lesson. First time students get 3 free lessons with purchase of a 10-pack.

Levels: Beginner through Professional

Styles: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk, Funk. Specializing in the practical application of improvisational theory: an artful and systematic framework for a thorough fretographic realization of the fundamental musical materials.

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