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This is my testimonial. I can't imagine why anyone would really want to learn play guitar. There are so many better instruments in the world - like harmonica, trombone, glass harp. I mean, there are just so many other ways to express oneself musically that make more sense than playing this six string trap that allows you to live very frugally and not be able to pay rent or live a lifestyle.

Most guitarists in the world, as we know, are basically broke. However, if you were going to learn guitar, there are few people in the city that could probably give you the knowledge, the insight, the angles, the epiphanies, the overall inside/outside, through-into-it-ness that Sam Davis can give you. I've known the guy for some time now, and it amazes me how he milks blood from a stone. I mean, being a guitarist, a professional myself, for many years now, I gave up on the guitar and started playing a real instrument, harmonica, and I realize that people clapped after my solos. Then, when I stopped playing guitar and started playing harmonica, everytime I took a solo somebody would faint. That only happened when I played the guitar if I had the volume up loud.

So anyway, basically, I guess the gist of what I have to say is if you are going to study guitar, Sam is easily one of the best teachers in the city. His approach, his dedication to this instrument (I don't have to understand it to accept it) I think is truly superlative and he is the paragon of guitar teachers in the city. Whether for his infinite, infinitesimal knowledge or for his just basic tenacity with this animal called guitar. And if you are going to study he is the man, quite frankly. He has the most chops, in the world, and I thank you. And I should know, I've been in the business for some 30 years. And good luck, and happy frustration.